Bushnell, Nebraska
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History of Our Community
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Bushnell was the last stop of the Union Pacific Railroad before reaching Wyoming.

1867:  Bushnell was established.  It was named after Cornelius Scranton Bushnell, one of the Union Pacific Rail Road's Board of Directors.

1886:  The Post Office was established.  Bushnell's mail kept getting sent to Rushville, Nebraska and vice versa, so the Post Office changed Bushnell's name to Orkney. 

1895:  The name of the village was changed back to Bushnell.

1900:  Population 137

1907:  Bushnell built its own water tower.  JW Bogle built a General Store.  The UP RR Depot was moved from Ridge, Wyoming to Bushnell.

1909:  Foster Lumber Company opened a yard.

1910:  Bushnell State Bank opened.

1910s:  Historic Highway 30 (Lincoln Highway) was established from New York to California.  Highway 30 was America's first transcontinental highway.

1914:  Presbyterian Church was built.  Early in the 20th century, Calvary United Methodist Church was also built.

1920:  Population 321.  The town had many businesses, including banks, general merchandise, drugstore, grain elevators, pool hall, restaurant, and cream station.

1922:  Sally Lou Art Shop was built.

1924:  JF Bogle and Son established grocery market and butcher shop.

1930:  Population 341

1990:  Population 119

2000:  Population 160

2010:  Population 120

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